Bus transfer from Salzburg to Pula


Discover Bus transfer from Salzburg to Pula

Htjeli smo da ovo putovanje od 5 sati bude što udobnije za putnike, tako da smo uklonili red sjedala iz naših autobusa i nudimo besplatni Wi-Fi i utičnice za punjenje svim našim putnicima. Kada putujete s nama, možete surfati na internetu, odspavati, ili gledati prekrasni pogled kroz prozore. Na liniji su 2 dnevna odlaska u oba smjera, a cijene počinju od 25 eura.

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Usluge i pauze

The route departs at 7:40 and 16:40 every day and takes approximately 9 hours and 10 minutes. The bus stops to pick up passengers at the following stations: Villach, Bled, Ljubljana, Trieste, GP Kaštel (border crossing), Umag, Novigrad, Poreč, and Rovinj. These stops don’t have planned breaks, but if the bus runs ahead of schedule, you’ll be able to stretch your legs at these stations.

Odlazak iz Salzburga

While waiting to depart to Pula, the Salzburg bus station has plenty to keep you occupied and comfortable. The station is open 24 hours a day, and always lively. You can get to the station by bus, on foot, or  by taxi, of course. Find more information about the Salzburg Bus Station.

Arriving in Pula

Lokalno vrijeme: 17:00

Lokalno vrijeme


Pula offers numerous sights worth exploring, such as the Roman Amphitheatre.

You can get to your accommodation place or explore Pula by public transportation, by taxi, or you can rent a bike. Renting a car isn’t advised, as the streets are quite narrow and there is a lack of parking spots.

More information about the Pula Bus Station.


Lokacija Vrijeme
Salzburg SAL dolazak 07:40
odlazak 07:45
Villach VIL dolazak 09:55
odlazak 10:00
Bled BLE dolazak 10:55
odlazak 11:00
Ljubljana LJUB dolazak 11:55
odlazak 12:00
Trst TRS dolazak 13:25
odlazak 13:30
Granični prijelaz Kaštel (Hrvatska-Slovenija) GPCS dolazak 14:05
odlazak 14:10
Umag UMG dolazak 14:40
odlazak 14:45
Novigrad NOV dolazak 15:05
odlazak 15:10
Poreč POR dolazak 15:40
odlazak 15:45
Rovinj ROV dolazak 16:20
odlazak 16:25
Pula PU dolazak 17:00

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